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This year 2017 is the sixth edition of the pentamontaña, each year has been different and increasingly challenging. A follow we show time recording and participants in each edition

  • Pentamontaña first year that took place at that time wanted to know if we could reach five mountains avobe of 3000msnm in three days.

  • The mountains were included: Potosi, Coahuilón, Martha, Viga and Nieves.

  • Colleagues who participated were: Juventino, Dago and Hector.

  • This edition was done with transportation between the mountains and it was winter season in late December, the total hours of the challenge were approximately 30 hours during the three days.


  • 10 Years later and to commemorate anniversary of the first occasion that took place was planned to reach five mountains avobe of 3000msnm in three days, without transportation.

  • The total course would be 160km which included mountain: Musgo, Viga, Coahuilón, Martha and Alazanas. also it would be self-sufficient in this edition, ie we load our food, hydration, clothing and sleeping gear.

  • The total was three and a half days to start and finish the loop. A total of 160km and 7600m+ at 42hrs

  • Those who participated in this occasion were Monica, Idalia, Hector Armando, Jorge de la Garza.


  • This edition was without transportation, but with semi-autonomy, to prepare the course for a future career 100miles mountain.

  • The route was covered in two days, with a break of 3 hours and total 38hrs, a easy going pace and small group.

  • Those who completed the full loop of 160km were: Hector and Dago.

  • Those who completed only mountains were: Monica, Idalia, Armando, Jony.

  • Those who participated in one day were: Claudia, Adriana, Hristo, Jorge de la Garza, Diana


  • This edition was without transportation and NON-STOP to complete 120km with 7023m + positive desnivel in 36hrs.

  • For the first time, we invited runners outside the club to participate in this great mountain race, which has been assigned 4 points at UTMB.


  • Second Edition without transportation and NON-STOP to complete 120km with 7023m + positive difference in 36hrs.

  • 102 runners participated, finisher runners were 56 and which were 4 runners got special buckle sub-24.



  • And as our fellow Juventino said the first hearing the challenge of Pentamontaña:

      "Y de ir, cuantos iriamos"  (If we go, how many we would go)


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