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  • The KM0 be in the Carbonera, at the junction of the road and Carbonera Road to Tunal.

  • The start of the race is on Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 5:00 am for both races.

  • The finish line will be in San Antonio de las Alazanas for racing 120KM and 80KM.

  • The delivery of Runner's package will be on Thursday 13rd April 20017 from 12:00 to 17:00 at the host hotel.

  • The technical brief of the race will be on Thursday, April 13rd, 2017 at 15:00 at the host hotel.

  • Check in of runners will be on Friday, April 14th, 2017 from 4:00 to 4:50 in the output area in the Carbonera.

  • Runners should always to wear the BIP number provided by the organization. This will be in a visible place at the front throughout the race and can not be bent or cut.



  • No se permite la participación de menores de 18 años.

  • Habrá ceremonia de premiación en San Antonio de las Alanzanas a las 11:00AM para 80k y a las 2:00PM para la carrera de 120k.

  • There will be thow categories, major category for under 40 years, and master category for over 40 years in men's and women branch.

  • Finisher medal for the runners who complete the course during the set time will be delivered.

  • For those who meet the total 120km race in 36hrs a commemorative buckle of the races.

  • There will be a special buckle for those who complete the race in 24 hours or less.

  • The participation of under 18 is not allowed.

  • There will be awards ceremony in San Antonio de las Alanzanas at 11:00 AM for 80k and at 2:00 PM for the race 120k.



  • Registrations will be made by filling the application form on this page and receive an email with approval and form of payment.

  • Registration will start on November 1st, 2015 until March 31st, 2017 or deplete inscriptions.

  • On March  31st 2017 the final list of runners is published with the BIP number assigned.

  • The max limmit of runners are 200 for 120k and 80k races.

  • The fee of competition includes:

- BIP fees

- Food and hidrattion on Aid station 

- Shelter in 90km (Oyameles) during the event.

- Buckle for finisher of 120K

- Medal for finishers of 120K and 80K 


  • Aid stations and check points provides by the orgnizer are specifed in this web pages.

  • The bracelets are delivered at the summit in the check point.

  • In the aid station you find solid food and hydration.

  • The cut off are describes in this web page, if the broker does not arrive in that time I will be disqualified.

  • It is prohibited support and assistance during the development of the career of any person is a competitor or not, except in areas marked by the organization in the aid stations.



  • Mandatory equipment during all detour of the race:

- Hidratation thank: 2000ml  (minimi required)

- Headlamp

- Mobile

- Whistle

- Fisrst aid

- Thermical mant

- Wind breaker

  • Optional equipment:

- Sticks


- Hat, gloves, tights.



  • Solo para la carrera de 120K al corredor se le permitira tener "Drop Bag" en los puntos de abastos especificados por la organizacion, donde contendra equipo que el corredor crea necesario.

  • El corredor entregará el Drop Bag un dia antes de la carrera en los horarios y lugares especificados por el organizador, deberá estar protegido contra la interperie, y debera tener el nombre del corredor, numero y nombre del lugar donde estará el Drop Bag.

  • La organización regresará los Dop Bag el sabado de 11:00 AM a las 5:00 PM en el area especificada.

  • Only for runners in 120K race will be allowed to have "Drop Bag" in the aid stations specified by the organization, which will contain equipment that the runners deems necessary.

  • The broker will leave the Drop-Bag one day before the race at the times and locations specified by the organizer, must be protected against interperie, and should have the name of the runner, BIP number and name of the aid station.

  • The organization will return the Dop Bag at Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM in the specified area.



  • NO PACERs are allowd during the detour of both races.

  • NO MULING, or any aid to the runners are allowed by the runners crew.



  • The weather during this season can be cool to hot during the course of the day.

  • At night you can reach freezing temperatures between 0C and 10C, so it is recommended to wear winter clothes during the course of the night.

  • There is also possibility of rain, so also are recommended rain covers to stay dry, or change of clothes for the night.

  • Visibility conditions:
    -of 6:40am to 7:15am gloom: distinguished contours
    -From 7:15am full visibility and until 6:08pm

  • At the checkpoints will be reviewed with the obligatory equipment to continue in the race.




  • It requires excellent physical condition because of the distance and accumulated slope.

  • - Distace: 120kms or 80km
    - Desnivel Accumulated: +6660 m -6680 m / + 4320m - 4380m
    - Roads: 5km (3%)
    - Dirt roaards: 35 kms (30%)
    - Trail: 80 kms (66%)
    - Altitude Minimum: 1900m (Skunk)
    - Maximum -Altitude: 3750 (La Martha)

  • The course will be marked with orange ribbons on trails and also in the course of dirt road.

  • Distance information each will supply on each aid station.

  • Also it will be informed of the existence of any step that requires more attention.

  • The route is not closed to traffic on asphalt roads and dirst roads so the runner should pay attention and responsibility to comply with the trafice code.

  • The itinerary on cartography or digital format (track) and profile control in detail, and technical areas it will be published on this page and may be requested to email:



  • Bad weather will not be an impediment to the celebration of the race. The organization may interrupt the race at any point t if it considers that there may be serious threat to the physical integrity of the participants or force majeure.

  • An alternative route will be planned. In the event of interruption or cancellation of the event, because the weather conditions so require, at the same time to make alternative routes impracticable all registration fees will not be returned.

  • Participation is not permitted to minors.




- Provides help to another runner in danger or injured and to inform the organization.

-NO leaving waste, wrappings, food or materials except in places authorized by the organization.

-Follow the instructions of the members of the organization, showing respectful with them and with other runners.

-Not to leave the marked path.

-In case of quit the races the runner should communicate in a check point or aid station, delivering the BIP number. It assumes all responsibility since the runnes leaves voluntarily or is disqualified. If you continue on the course it will be under his sole responsibility.-


-Makes short cuts of the course

- Recives help outside of the aids stations.

- Block to another competitor

- Ignore the inscrutions of staff.

- Not Carry visible the BIP number 


- Dont do the complet course

- Use of any transportation

- No assisting a participant if this is required or unconscious.

- Throw trash or any packaging waste material is considered.

- No respect or insult to runners or members of staff.

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